Click bait

This post is just some random lists about objects I see daily in the lab. It was supposed to be a quick, fun post to commemorate my first year of posting (woo!). I did not realize how much effort these click bait lists take! And thus begins another late post. I better not quit my day job... especially since this doesn't pay anything.

6 pieces of lab equipment I wish I had at home

Parafilm This is Saran Wrap's awesome cousin. It stretches and seals anything. ANYTHING

Kimwipes Like a cross between Kleenex and tissue paper, it doesn't leave papery bits behind and absorbs like crazy. Not very soft on the nose though, trust me.

Graduated cylinders Way easier to read than a measuring cup and more accurate! Don't worry, you don't have to tell me a nerd. I write this blog, I'm well aware that I am.

Extra long forceps Every time I drop something into a narrow glass, I wish I had these foot long suckers.

Biological grade 100% ethanol Bring on the party! Just kidding, seriously, there are laws. But I've heard stories about back in the day...

-80C freezer No half-melted ice cream or warm beer in this house!

10 things that you can find in every health science lab

(besides the stereotypical flasks, beakers, etc)

Bottles of clear liquids Sorry, it's not like TV. Fun, coloured solutions aren't common.

Brightly coloured lab tape To make up for the clear liquids maybe? Lab tape is thicker than even painter's tape so that it's easy to peel off and smooth for ease of writing.

An endless supply of Sharpies To write on the lab tape, boxes, anything plastic, and even notes if need be. Thin and thick, large and small, we like them all! Except yellow which never shows up.

Vortex When things are a mixin', don't come a knoc... no, wait, never mind.

Eppendorf tubes Little tubes that hold 0.75-2 ml of liquid with a snap lid. Pretty much every sample we work with fit in these.

Pipettes Even CSI got this one right! Accurate down to less than 1/1000 of a ml, I can't even imagine doing work without them.

Latex gloves As far as the eye can see. Also sometimes nitrile. NEVER powdered.

Fisher Scientific timers Other companies make timers, or so I'm told. Those must be what I've spotted in the back of lab drawers, tucked in with the dead batteries and empty tubes.

Pens with random drug names Grants only stretch so far! And drug companies have piles of these at every vendor show.

Coffee machine(s) Researchers were found to be the number one coffee-consuming profession for a reason.

9 lab items with odd names

Presented without explanation, for increased ridiculousness. Or because I'm lazy. Either way.

*My bad, that's a sonic screwdriver! Here's the real thing.